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A foundation promoting sustainable art, architecture and aesthetics A3 Foundation is an organization promoting sustainable architecture in India and in the vicinity. With the combine association and efforts of fellow professionals, students, educational institutions and other professional bodies A3 Foundation surges ahead to form an organization devoted to the promotion of sustainable art and architecture in general and CHANDIGARH ARCHITECTURE in particular. Through the medium of seminars, conferences, group discussions and other allied system of education the foundation is active in multidimensional growth of the profession. The foundation works by putting up exhibitions of the architects, holding workshops, institutions and school of architecture including arranging talks of various eminent architects. Effectively it will work by documenting, planning providing regional area consultancy, education and distribution of knowledge in the subject. A3 Foundation is a brain child of Ar Sangeet Sharma, practicing architect from the city. His keen interest in art and architecture has given birth to this foundation. It has been a great platform for all the students, and amateurs to come and explore their areas of interest. He has shown pathway to many students and indeed they are successful in their venture. Foundation has organised 24 events till date and have been the milestone in the field of Art & Architecture. Aims and objectives of the Foundation:- To hold seminars, conferences and group discussions to discuss and further the cause of sustainability in profession. To uphold and uplift the professional understanding by constant dialogue and discussion with professionals of related fields. To encourage students/teachers/ authors/ poets/ artists/ musicians to spread the knowledge and pursue the cause for the betterment of society. To create a forum for a healthy discussions on the development and to retain the resources of mother earth. To build “Think Tank” for development of society. To inspire the third-world countries to participate and understand the necessity of sustainability in the profession of art and architecture. To publish books/ Journals and other material for wide circulation. To prepare a library for reference and record. To sponsor research in various field. Preparing programmes for the training of architectural teachers and formulating principles of education. Preparing and delivering A3F ‘proto-type design’ lectures on various aspects of architectural planning to be delivered as special lectures for the benefit of students. Recognizing eminent architects and masters of contemporary architecture – inviting them for a talk for the benefit of all. To publish news and pertinent issues on the changes and developments on the Chandigarh. Ti ensure the making of the unbuilt Museum of Knowledge to complete the Capitool Complex. To internationalise the issues pertaining to the city of Chandigarh and the heritage of Le Corbusier's building. To hold archietctural exibitions and curate buildings of similar era in Chandigarh to promote the importance of modern and contemporary modern architecture. To promote and fund research on Chandigarh and its planning for students worldwide. To hold seminars and workshops for the students promoting Chandigarh as the most significant and successful experiment in architecture and Town planning. To print and publish litrature and manuals for "Achitectural Tourism" on Chandigarh. To organise travel plans stay and facilities for architects and studens who may like to visit Chandigarh. To keep the government and UT administration aprised of the developments in the city and give futuristic proposals.

  • For architectural design any hypothetical site can be assumed but must be in India.
  • Concepts and sketches are also welcome.
  • Maximum of two sheets (A3Size) are allowed which may also include the part of the matter.
  • A participant can send as many enteries on a single registration.
  • Joint entries are allowed.
  • The presentation can be in any medium. Coloured/Black & White.
  • The Participant can choose any topic like on architecture, project design, interiors or any other Sustainable item based on the theme.
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